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Losing my eyelashes
Author: KatarinaGuest
Post Mon Dec 31, 2001 6:33 am
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Losing my eyelashes


I´m 25 years old and I got alopecia areata when I was 2 years old. Now, I have almost no hair on my head, my left eyebrow is almost gone and so are the eyelashes on my right eye. I always thought that as long as I still had my eyelashes I was ok, but now I have lost a little bit more every day I wake up. I think pretty soon I won´t have a hair anywhere on my head. I think I have had a very hard time accepting myself as a person without hair, but somehow I have learned to live with it. I´m wearing a natural hair wig and I don´t think that people really can tell. I just want to keep my eyelashes!

Does anybody know if there is soemthing that helps getting your eyelashes back especially? Anything I can try? I have been thinking that it also would be great getting together with other alopecians. I just moved to Florida, if anybody feels like getting in touch...

Author: klaraGuest
Post Mon Dec 31, 2001 8:08 pm
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Hi Katarina!

I´m sorry for your eyebrows and eyelashes. I know what you feel - I lost I my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows in this autumn. I have to tell you about my friend. She has had AA since she was 10 years old. Then she lost all her hair but not any other hair. She has been wearing a wig since that. In high school she also lost her eyelashes and eyebrows couple of times but those allways were growing back. Now she is studying at the university (dermatologist :-) and she says that she is still losing her facial hair partly or fully sometimes. She has noticed that the facial hairloss is connect to her stress.

I know that it´s very hard to "take it easy" but I can´t give any other advise. I hope your situation is the same as my friend´s and you´ll get your hair back. You can read my story from my message "Alopecia+Autoimmun threoiditis" from this site. Have you already heard of the Alopecia Areata Support Group in the internet? You can find me from there. I was very glad when I found those pages.

I hope all good to You. klara

Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Tue Jan 01, 2002 9:26 pm
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katarina, i have had a.a since i was 2, i am now 35 and have gone through really bad cycles, however i have taken a very agressive stance againt my a.a. i have to wear a hairpiece as well, and i have had the problems where i started losing my brow, but cortisone injections in the eyebrows work everytime. also, i started using minoxdil, i thought what more do i have to lose, and my eyelashes for some weird reason actually lengthened. i have moved to florida from up north 2 years ago, and since i have been down here, my hair loss is the worst it has ever been.i am on the west coast of florida and have a very good derm. if you need any info. let me know

Author: KatarinaGuest
Post Fri Jan 11, 2002 3:59 pm
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Hi Klara and Anonymous,
thank you for the info. I have actually set up an appointment to get my eyebrows tattooed. Hopefully it will turn out well. Anonymous, if you would give me your derms contact info I would appreciate it greatly. My e-mail is
Maybe I could try the minoxdil. Why do you think your hairloss is worse in Florida?

Author: Teri WaddellGuest
Post Sat Jan 12, 2002 9:10 pm
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I'm Teri, 38 yo, discovered first pactches about five years ago, quarter sized. I lost quite a lot of hair, then it came back completely by t'giving 2001. Last spring, hair loss began in earnest, and now I've about one-third of my hair, wear a wig, etc. I've been through steroids, creams, injections, etc, and the hair that does grow back comes back stark white. I'm currently undergoing DCP therapy, and my left eyebrow, right eyelashes are going. I relate to you people - this is the first contact I've had with anyone undergoing this. Thanks, and please respond.

Author: KatarinaGuest
Post Wed Jan 16, 2002 5:02 pm
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Hi Teri!
When I first saw this site I was very happy because people were writing about things I couldn't discuss with anyone else before. Right now I'm kind of comfortable with my life and my wig, even if I wish I had hair. I have noticed that when I don't stress, eat right and exercise my hair grows back. But it's difficult to keep up. I haven't tried any medication, but I will definately give it a try. Especially as people seem to be helped by it.
Good luck Teri! You are definately not alone!

Author: NY dudeGuest
Post Tue Jan 22, 2002 6:51 pm
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Dear Katarina

I loved your last message........I think you know now that hair is the most useless part of our body :) .................

I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with AA (on my beard for now)this past friday. I lost about 1/3 of my beard in about 3 weeks. many patches, One HUGE spot with no hair, probably 3x2 inch ...My hair will probably go next. well, whatever happends happends...

Katarina I truely wish you all the best

Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Wed Jan 23, 2002 9:51 am
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Eyelash loss question: I have lost my right eyelashes for years and they've always grown back. Kevin said that it is not AGA that causes this. I was dx'd with AGA for my thinning hair. My question is - if eyelash loss is not due to AGA does that mean it is due to AA? Does anyone know the reason someone would lose eyelashes on one eye and they'd grow back? Thanks to all on this site.

Author: ellesseGuest
Post Thu Jan 24, 2002 1:27 pm
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Hi Katarina, your story sounds similar to mine I am 25 as well and lost most of the hair on my head as well as my eyebrows and my bottom eyelashes, thankfully they grew back but not the hair on my head, still waiting for that, fingers crossed. I have no idea why they suddenly started growing back, I am still under the same amount of stress that I was before I just started eating more healthily and taking vitamins, I would exercise but that sounds far too energetic for me.

I truly hope they do grow back as I know what it's like. All the best :)

Author: ryanGuest
Post Sun Feb 17, 2002 2:43 pm
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hi im 29 had aa for about 10 years. My right eyelashes are basically gone and my right eyebrow is patchy I have found that with the eyebrow cortisone injections have helped, i also have patchy facial hair which cotisone pills (meticortone )seem to help but with some side-effects.

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