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Author: ckeanGuest
Post Fri Jul 09, 1999 9:42 pm
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Please help me. I've been experience hair breakage in just one area of my scalp for years. The hair doesn't fall out, just breaks off at a certain point. It has becomely significantly worse at the years go by. I suffer with severe itching only in that area. Is this a condition that can be rectified.

Author: MariellenGuest
Post Sat Aug 07, 1999 10:16 am
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Itchy scalps may often be a sign of a scalp dermatitis with pruritus. ( Pruritus is an unpleasant cutaneous sensation that provokes the urge to scratch), ie itching.

There are many types of dermatitis which lead to scalp inflammation, production of inflammatory cytokines and hair loss.

Without more details of hair/skin/body health or any other medications being used, it is difficult to comment further.


Author: MariellenGuest
Post Sat Aug 07, 1999 8:15 pm
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I am certain that Kevin will have knowledge of other possibilites when he is able to return to the forum. In the meantime, I also remember that Tinea Capitis, a fungal disease more commonly seen in prepubertal children, also classically manifests with hair breakage (as opposed to alopecia, which I now note is your symptom).

This disorder can occur at any age and often has a bacterial secondary infection. Griseofulvin, a fungistatic, is the standard most effective oral treatment, combined with twice weekly shamooing with Ketoconazole 2% shampoo, and 2.5% selenium sulfide.

This is also an infectious disorder.

Author: jenrayGuest
Post Tue Nov 02, 1999 3:28 pm
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I have recently succeeded in growing my hair long after having it very short. I used Pantene Pro V shampoo and conditioner for years and my hair was thick and healthy until last month. The formula changed in both shampoo and conditioner and I had a terrible reaction, itching scalp, face, arms, shoulders whereever the hair or shampoo had touched. I've stopped using it and the symptoms have subsided but my hair is ruined. I've lost almost a third of the thickness, lots of hair is broken and it looks awful. I wondered whether anybody else had experienced this effect from using Pantene's new product.

Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Thu Nov 04, 1999 8:58 am
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Jenray - You're kidding, pantene pro-V? You attribute the changes to that, are you sure? I'm having problems (posted under TE anonymous on Nov. 2nd) and I've also used that product for years - no more!

Author: jenray13Guest
Post Thu Nov 04, 1999 2:34 pm
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To Anonymous,
Yes, I'm positive. I talked to my hairdresser about it and she had had the same effect, also another hairdresser from the same place. They've all stopped using it now. There are, unfortunately, new formulas that are tried in order to keep up with the competition, and these clearly do not agree with lots of people. The company said all their products are tested thoroughly, but, obviously, not thoroughly enough. There's a catch twenty two in the situation though. The company requires a doctor to confirm that you have had a severe reaction to their product, but the doctor must have seen your hair conditioner prior to using the new formula shampoo and/or conditioner. The chances of that are pretty remote unless you visit your doctor regularly, but my hairdresser can confirm that in July my hair was in excellent condition now it's awful. It's so thin it tangles up after washing it and it's very difficult to brush it until it's completely dry, and it's full of broken ends and very thin. This has happened in a month.

Author: CHIUGuest
Post Sat Nov 06, 1999 6:03 am
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Jenray 13,

We are sympathize about what happened to your beautiful hairs.
You'd better cut your hair apexes with split ends. so that your auto-immune system will be
trigged, and nutrition will be transported to cure the "wounds" of hair. Then, your hair will
regrow from tiny to thin, then from thin to thick, then from thick to long, step by step. Just
like the stem of a plant will grow thicker after the apex of a plant is cut. Nutrition absorbed
will transport to other hair cells on stem naturally so as to grow thicker, rather than to cells
in apex for growing forward to make hair longer, but still thin.

Change your eating habit to absorb more activatced Calcium & proteins, such as fishes,
seafood, vegetables, nuts, peanut better. If it doesn't help, try EAPP which is a essential
hair regrow nutrition. It has really good effectiveness.

Any question, email us.
Warm regards.

Author: MelissaOdleGuest
Post Wed Jan 19, 2000 12:54 am
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I am 16 years old, and experiencing hair loss. It was totally taken over my life, and I feel so worthlessand like there is no reason for me to live. When I first started experiencing hair loss, I went to the derm ASAP, and he claimed that everything was fine, and it was all from my use of hair dye, and that it would all stop and grow back, no problem. Well, here is is, 6 and half months later, andI am still losing hair like crazy! my scalp is always burning and is greasy even right after I wash it, and it bleeds whenever I scratch it . Please some1 help me, I feel sooo alone, this isnt suppsoed to happen to cute little 16 year old innocent girls, is it??? I thought i had everything to live for before this happened, now I hate getting out of bed. Please e-mail me if you can help me in anyway!!!

Author: MarieGuest
Post Wed Jan 19, 2000 12:02 pm
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Hi Melissa,

I am sorry to hear what you are going threw. I (and a few others here) are going threw the same thing. I quit my job and barely moved out of bed or the house for a year due to the painful burning on my scalp/hairloss and the new found greasy head of hair (even after washing)..I am 26 started for me almost 2 years ago in May. My hair thinned rapidly in less then 2 months and the pain was severe. I slept with ice packs on my head. No doctors had an explanation. I got the run around...Telegon Effluvium etc..I know now that it is probaly AGA and was caused by a hormonal shift when I lost some weight (from exercising and eating right). I also had my hair hightlighted (pulled threw a cap) for the first time 2 weeks before this whole nightmare started..but it wouldn't have caused greasy hair and acne I never had before. I am happy to say Melissa that my hair is nolonger as greasy as it was and the acne is alot better. My hair is still thin and my head burns from time to time but not as intense. It took a long time to get to this point..and my hair texture will never be the same. It is dry and frizzy and the strands are "thinner"...I use to have shiny ,bouncy hair and it is thin and lifeless, but I do my best to work with it. I would say that at least 35 to 40 percent of what I lost has come back a bit. It use to be worse but it still falls more than it did. Please hang in there..things will get better ..

Author: adminSite Admin
Post Fri Jan 21, 2000 7:27 am
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Melissa - Unfortunately it is possible to have hair loss at any age and there are all kinds of potential causes. Using hair dye too much may cause fiber to be weaker and more likely to break off but it would not cause hair loss from the roots - unless you chemically burnt your scalp skin. Nor should it cause any change in sebaceous gland activity.

You suggest inflammation may be involved and you also indicate hormones may be an influence. There are a number of conditions that involve these symptoms and cause hair loss - anything from an inflammatory alopecia to polycystic ovary syndrome. I can only suggest finding a more sympathetic dermatologist and/or if hormones seem to be a particular problem you might see an endocrinologist. The family doc. is a good place to start and may be able to recommend some topical treatments to keep the oil and sebum production down and an anti-inflammatory solution. They may also be able to suggest an alternative dermatologist to go see.

Whatever happens feel free to come back here and tell us the latest. You will find many understanding people.

Kevin - The management -

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