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Allergy to shampoos and conditioners can trigger itch,hair l
Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Tue Jun 04, 2002 6:58 am
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Allergy to shampoos and conditioners can trigger itch,hair l

Went to two doctors within two years; both ignored the fact that the shampoo and conditioner was the 'trigger' that caused, loss of hair, itch, and that creepy-crawly feel on the scalp. I, along with several other people, had an allergic reaction to Herbal Essences (Clairol); the other six to eight people were young girls at the local high school. They had hair loss, but when they stopped using the product, all was well (except for some minor hair loss). But since I was in my late 40's and had hypothyroidism, the allergy 'triggered'the above symptoms on my scalp, with daily minor hair loss.

I MUST shampoo my hair every day within 24 hours to avoid getting SEVERE itch and additional loss of hair.

Herbal Essences made me very sensitive to most shampoos/conditioners on the market. I was told by one 'employee' at a dermatologist's office that PANTENE causes allergy to scalps (I never used Pantene).

HOW CAN I GET RID OF THE ITCH, etc.? The doctor are blaming it on getting older (so they are NOT looking into the initial cause: the shampoo and conditioner). I do understand that age and hypothyroidism may contribute to loss of hair and do not help the situation... But if I did not have hypothyroidism--how would the problem be resolved?

When I called Herbal Essences they ADMITTED that some people have an allergic reaction!

NOTE: My mom used both PANTENE AND HERBAL ESSENCES for one year and has the same symptoms I do! She does NOT have hypothyroidism.

Thank you.

Author: adminSite Admin
Post Sun Jun 09, 2002 9:23 am
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Dermatitis induced by shampoos has been on the increase according to anecdotal comments from derms I have talked to. They put it down for the relatively recent popularity of herbal shampoos. Herbs are plant extracts and people can be allergic to plants ergo shampoos with plant ingredients can promote allergic reactions. Once allergies start they can persist even when the trigger goes away. In the case of scalp skin allergies androgen activity and sebaceous gland responses are probably involved. Once these kinds of dermatitis start they can be very persistent. You may never get rid of it but you should be able to keep it under control.

The usual answer is to treat with medicated shampoos like nizoral and dandruff shampoos. Itching and burning may be treated with a corticosteroid lotion. Sometimes there may be an advantageous bacterial or fungal infection that further exacerbates the condition in which case antibiotics may be used.

Kevin - The management -

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