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Excess pubic hair
Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Fri Oct 15, 1999 11:20 am
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Excess pubic hair

When I went through puberty, I cut my newly grown pubic hair off. I believe that was the cause of my excessive hair growth. When I was in my 20's, I was tested by my endocrinologist who said all my results came back normal. I've been on aldactone for quite awhile along with birth control to slow the hair growth rate down. I have fine dark hair on my lower back, butt, and running down the middle of the front side of my torso. My pubic hair is long and extends down my inner thigh and covers all of my private part. I mean all. This has caused me to have a low self esteem and a fear that a man will never be interested in me. I have been in one long term sexual relationship, but did not let him fully see me naked in the light. We never discussed my excessive hair growth, but wouldn't be surprised if he left because it repulsed him. I did shave my entire leg but that was it. My question is: What does a normal woman's pubic area look like when it comes to hair? I know women in magazines and videos shave, so I don't have a sense of how much hairier I am. What can I do about this?

Author: adminSite Admin
Post Sun Oct 17, 1999 11:08 am
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Cutting hair does nothing to the hair follicles. Hair above the skin is dead, it cannot comunicate with the hair follicles in the skin.

The hair pattern you explain is hirsutism due to androgens. You can have normal levels of androgens and still have excess growth because you may be more sensitive than most to androgen levels or perhaps antiandrogen production is not normal. The aldactone is to block the androgens.

Hair growth can vary considerably in women and still be considered normal. Asian women have very little body hair - Mediterranean women can be very hirsute. The pubic hair pattern in women should be an inverted triangle from the creases of the legs upwards and outwards. Pubic hair may also extend on to the legs for many women, hence the "bikini wax". The top horizontal line of hair can vary. It may be quite low on some women or further up the belly on others. The hair you describe running down the front of your torso is an "escutcheon" (sp). This is a male pattern of public and body hair and is the result of androgen activity.

Pubic hair length varies. There is nothing wrong with trimming it - many women do even if they don't admit it. Men in these - uh - videos cut pubic hair too. It makes the "accessories" look bigger.

We are all alot more hairy than the videos would suggest and many women wax, depilate, sugar, and otherwise maniulate hair in the pubic area. You should not see this as an embarrasment.

I hope my mother doesn't read this, she will be suspicious of my source of knowledge. I also don't want to hear from those who want sample illustrations!

Kevin - The management -

Author: MomGuest
Post Sat Oct 23, 1999 1:56 pm
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This is your mother - you have ALOT of explaining to do!

Author: adminSite Admin
Post Thu Oct 28, 1999 6:30 am
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ERK! Umm, hi Mom! Say, I didn't know you had internet access???
Kevin - The management -

Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Thu Oct 28, 1999 9:11 am
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To Anonymous,

Guys love it shaved too!...I know my guy does..
Don't worry about it!

Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Thu Apr 06, 2000 9:32 am
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The reason I am writing you is because you mentioning about the self esteem thing. Personally I am also effectet by too much hair, but mainly on the legs, which I wax once a month, including around the belly button, bikini line, around the nipples (outch, well....) and my lower arms, even though the hair is thin there. But my legs are the worst, if I would not wax them, within two months I would look like a sicillian mountain farmer;) Even though it is a drag, I do not let it interfere with my self-esteem, if a man would be repulsed by this he is simply not good enough for me. We women should stop defining beauty via mens eyes, and then be depressed if we don't fit into the projected fantasy of women's beauty from a man's perspective. That sucks. About the pupic hair, don't you let this worry you, and btw, there are many men who find "a bush" quite erotic. But if your hairgrowth does not fit into your self-image (and you do have to check if your self-image is too much attached to a vague status quo that of what women "should" look like..)then wax where you can and don't let such a little thing block you off from a relationship, fear is never a good advisor. I mean, it's not that you are paralized or such a thing, it's just a bit too much hair, so what. A good, stable man will not be bothered by this, trust me, I have been married for 10 years now and I got more body hair than him, it does not bother him at all, because he loves me for my personality/soul. A guy that would be repulsed by our problem is the one who got something wrong, not us!! A guy who will judge a woman by her appearance will never take you serious, because his eyes for you don't go beyond the surface, so why bother with the idiot, he does not deserve the love of any woman.......

My 5 cent...
Go gettam girrrrl

Author: KateGuest
Post Mon Jun 18, 2001 12:27 am
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Excess pubic hair

Hi, I've also been to specialists who say that my hormone levels are normal and that as long as my husband doesn't mind my excessive body hair then I shouldn't. He doesn't mind my body hair, but I DO. I don't like the look of it. I don't like the way my family, friends, co-workers, etc look at my arms, my legs, etc.
When I shave, the hair under the skin surface shows through as my skin is very fair and the hair is dark. When I wax I get tons of painful ingrown hairs even after using loufahs(sp). I cannot go swimming because of the amount of hair on my thighs. I get red spots, and dark stubble. I'm uncomfortable because I feel that I look gross.
Women try to improve their looks every day from wearing make-up and certain clothing to getting their hair styled and colored, etc. There is nothing wrong with trying to improve how you look and thereby enhancing your self esteem. I'm looking for better methods for getting rid of this hair permanently. It effects MY self esteem almost every day. If we keep saying that we just have to be happy with our bodies then no one will ever find a solution.

Author: lasertrolysisGuest
Post Fri Aug 10, 2001 7:36 pm
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Really good site for info on laser hair removal - . Photos, directory of offices and lists of discounts.

Author: Emily Jo Eccher (Bemilye)Guest
Post Sun Sep 09, 2001 5:22 pm
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Hello There,

I have tried everything except laser, pills and some of the newer depilatories.... I was told by a doctor that I am in the upper 97% for hirutism. Got to love it. I am 35 yrs old and it didn't start getting bad until I was about 16 and then rashes, ingrown hairs and lots of hair. I used to trim my mustache which all the boys teased me about and then moved in 8th grade (13) to a new town and started shaving it off. My dad is 100% italian and hairy everywhere like an ape except he's bald on top --- black long course hair everywhere well that a daughter would know about. My mother was extremely hairy too and she shaved her whole face and my sister does too.... Both have it more extremely than I do......... My mother is of Swedish, Norweigan decent. I have a very light complexion with dark, dark course brown hair everywhere except my head. that's fine and thin -- I can hardly wait for baldness to set it --- gotta laugh about it some....... I would rather suffer then take the risks involved with laser and pills..... You take the words right out of my mouth. I am 35yrs old and waxing causes bleeding so can't do, sugaring hurt like hell but I forced myself to do it anyway and now my ingrown hair count is huge, its gotten better but will never do either again..... Shaving is extremely painful on upper legs with rashes and all. I cannot shave everyday.too painful.. It works best for me if I don't shave more than once a week. I have dark brown thick course hair on my legs, between belly button and huge pubic region. My upper lip, chin and below chin has hair that is so coarse and thick and nothing seems to work.

I call it the genetic curse.....

Last night I was at a friends and she suggested trying products made for African American or Black people...... I went to King Soopers and found a product called "Regular Magic Regular" Regular Fragrant Cream Shave Razorless Beard Remover - FORMULATED FOR BLACK MEN...Made by Carson Products Company..$3.99 for 6oz. It appears to have the same active ingredient (calcium thioglycolate) as most of the others but it must be in stronger concentration (listed as the 2nd ingredient after Aqua) because so far it has worked on the hair between belly button and pubic hair and also about a two inch line on my upper so called bikini line....... I tried it on my chin and it removed some of the hairs but it dried before time was up and I was suppose to rewet. I am soooooo EXCITED that finally I have found something that won't hurt like hell and may get rid of all my unwanted hair. Right now it takes 45 minutes in the shower to shave my legs and then they burn afterwards and if any rubbing goes on the rashes become excruciatingly painful...

Best of Luck!!!!

Author: ElleGuest
Post Fri Sep 14, 2001 9:18 pm
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I know how you feel Kate! I have been there. All we can do is pray that there will come a safe permanent and simple solution. In the meantime lets keep sharing and supporting one another.
Thanks Emily. Where would someone purchase this product. I never heard of King Soopers. Is that a local store.

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