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Scalp exercises?
Author: AnonymousGuest
Post Fri Nov 22, 2002 1:28 pm
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Scalp exercises?


Have you visited What do you think of Tom Hagerty's scalp exercise, which basically states that by increasing blood flow to the scalp (and also making the scalp "less tight") he has been able to ward off MPB. Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated.

Author: CraigGuest
Post Fri Nov 22, 2002 6:47 pm
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I'm not Kevin but I did visit his site and I did not like the email reply I got from him when I posted a comment explaining that my TE lasted longer than one year.I think he is a prick.His methods cannot hurt so knock youreslf out.Who knows it may help.

Author: adminSite Admin
Post Sun Dec 01, 2002 8:24 am
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well, I'm not convinced of the theory. I don't believe AGA is causded by a restrictino in blood flow as some people claim. However, increasing blood flow may have a modest effect on hair growth. We know that Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF - promotes blood vessel development) can help improve hair growth (in mice). However, I doubt that scalp exercises can increase blood flow to the follicles. I remember as a kid seeing a TV news article on a guy in the UK who would hang upside down to increase his blood flow to the scalp and claimed this treated his AGA. Even to a 10 year old this didn't sound right.
Kevin - The management -

Author: TARAGuest
Post Mon Dec 16, 2002 5:51 pm
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Author: adminSite Admin
Post Thu Dec 19, 2002 10:04 am
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I appreciate that, but without details no one can comment here and it is impossible to reliably diagnose on the internet. So the only practical recommendation we can make is for you to find a dermatologist.
Kevin - The management -

Author: Tom HagertyGuest
Post Fri Dec 20, 2002 5:35 pm
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In my Web site perhaps there is a suggestion that I believe male pattern baldness is caused by a restriction of blood flow to the scalp. I don't believe this. I do believe, though, that the scalp exercise if done correctly will "pump up" the scalp muscles, and that this might, in turn, promote angiogenesis in the scalp area. I also think it might promote angiogenesis in the capillary network around the hair follicles, but this is a stretch unsupported by any evidence.

Even though male pattern baldness probably is not cause by restriction of blood supply, good capillary health might slow down or even stop this genetically predisposed (but not necessarily predetermined) condition.

I think the scalp exercise increases capillary density in the scalp. Capillaries grow toward areas that are low in oxygen (hypoxia). Muscle contraction demands a lot of oxygen. Also potassium channels open up during muscle contraction. Maybe this too has some effect on hair growth.

Comparing the scalp exercise program to the exploits of that guy in the UK (of all places) I think mischaracterizes my program. Craig's characterization of me as a prick, though, seems right on target.

Author: CraigGuest
Post Fri Dec 20, 2002 9:37 pm
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LOL, well at least you admit it.I'm also a prick.hehe

Author: Ben SandersGuest
Post Sat Jan 25, 2003 4:33 am
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Tom mayu suggest what or I mean how u do these scalp excersies....any info be great thanks

Author: RGGuest
Post Sat Jan 25, 2003 3:19 pm
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Tom also has a video CD for 25 bucks

Author: forzagrifoGuest
Post Tue Apr 01, 2003 8:08 am
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