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Infections, huge root sheaths, inflammation, sore itchy etc.
Author: FxdsGuest
Post Thu Apr 21, 2005 1:46 am
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Infections, huge root sheaths, inflammation, sore itchy etc.

Thats just the start. I need a little help here.. I have already spent a bunch of money with a Doc and he doesnt listen and wont tell me anything other than " take these and call in the morning" which lead to another 85$ visit and no explanations and new antibiotics. Heres my story.. 32 WMale with blonde hair. My mother was a #lic Esthetician( spelling?) many years ago and is at a loss. I am overweight yes but do not partake of drugs use of any kind. I have always had fine long hair but oily. My mother also ran a warehouse and was a distrib for Mastey products. Anyhow I work in a nasty enviro with lots of dust sanded paint matter and dust ( Bodyshop Painter ). I have always had a bit of scalp acne but when i turned 30 i had my tons and adnodes out. I was under some heavy meds for extreme pain ( Oxy/ Demerol etc..) and that was start I believe. After that I developed my acne and "infected " hair folicles. One year later .. spring time.. the wife finally got me off my butt and out to stain the fence, porch and shed. I said bah.. I am a painter and I am buying a airless paintgun system for household use. So like a dummy I set off staining away.. no w at work I am in a paint booth with a downdraft airflow system and get very little paint "upstairs". But I do get dirty and hotter than heck and I get very sweaty every day. Anyhow I stained the fence and when finished I had a hard helmet of solidified stain and hair. I couldnt get it off with anything.. so i figured I would let wear off. Well it started where my respirator straps grind my head/hair/ scalp when I am wearing them. It was very bad acne and inflamed ares of intense itching. The only relief was pulling the hair out and pinching out the root/puss.. which most times lead to a deep core boil of sorts. The hairs that can out had huge nasty root sheaths that I kid you not reminded me of "gummy worms". That led me to think that the root sheath was an infection.. I now know better thanks to this website. I then started to yank pull out all my hair in patches. I jokingly called it "self induced chemo" to my co-workers and friends. I noticed that certian zones of my head where worse than others but it seemed to spread to my entire head. That led to a full shave. After I had shaved I had large red blotchy patches that itched and acned. That led to thinking the "infected folicles" had to come out to heal so my wife and waxed my head 3 times. Let me tell you the pain.. to all you women out there.. I think wax should be banned as cruel and unusual punishment. At times we had to stop cause the blood wouldnt let the wax stick anymore. That said and done I was a nice shiny chrome head for a few weeks.. then it all started to return again. That when the 7 $100 docter visits started and all he would do was look at my head.. rub it tell me to STOP shaving, waxing and plucking.. take antibiotics ( tetracycline) and use Sodium Sulfacet something or over shampoo to cure my foliculitus. So after 3 months of anti's and shampoo nothing seems to have changed. Iseemed to help and lessen the itching but I still have lumpy itchy spots, ance and what looks to my wife as club hairs that have blocked the new hairs and is causing them to ingrow .. maybe. All I can say is that even tho I still tweeze my head due to the itchy spots.. the root sheaths of the hairs that come out of the sore/ tender sometimes itchy lumps are sometimes hard as slivers of glass and sometimes as thick as a #2 pencil lead in the pencil. When those nasty root sheaths come out they almost crunch/slurp and then I get a feeling of relief from that spot. But then that spot develops a rude boil if the root sheath stay in and or I let it get infected. Unfort the lump/ icthy spot goes away within a short amount of time if it doesnt get infected. I am trying to find a good Derm doctor to see, fired the other one, but in the meantime while I am working to find the time I am researching the web and found you all. SOOooooo Any of this sound famil or explain anything... my wife is banning tweezers from the house and soon I might have to resort to an "underground black-market" soucr for tweezing. If you made this far then thank you very much and I hop to hear something.. Take Care Very Happy
Fxds Larry

Author: FxdsGuest
Post Thu Apr 21, 2005 3:44 am
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A couple of quick items.. some of the root sheaths are bloody at the very base.. not all just a very few and those ones seem to be extra thick and sensitive. Also I can plck a whole nickel size patch of irratation with tweezers and only pull out one to three hairs with sheaths. the rest slide out with just a plain single hair. One last item.. these really nasty boillike items that just erupt like MtStHelens never seem to heal til all the very painful clubhairs are removed. Boy those boys are rooted in like superglue but sure feel better when removed. I believe they are the source of the patches of extreme sensitivity ( clubhairs). Those hairs and the patches go hand in hand. Thanks
Fxds Larry

Author: tgagerNew Poster
Post Tue Apr 26, 2005 5:02 pm
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Same Thing

I have the same exact thing as you and pull my hair out in nickle size patches as well. I too have been to docs who give me shampoos, creams, antibiotics, etc. I even saw a dermatologist who told me to stop pulling my hair out and it will go away. He said there is no way for him to test to see if the infection comes first and then I pull it out, or if I pull the hairs out and then get an infection.

I have gone so far as to order a wig, but cancelled my order after a friend thought it might "fester" the problem by not letting air get at it.

I was actually relieved to find some one else who has this, I was beginning to think I was crazy. I contemplated shaving my head last week, now after reading your message I see that will not help anyway.

I am a 38 year old female from Wisconsin.

Lets keep in touch and share what ever information we find.

Author: Guest
Post Fri Jul 01, 2005 2:58 am
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A bit of an update. After seeing a well known Derm Doc, a few things have come up. All of the orig story is the same and its still going on. As I let the new hairs grow the root sheath cont. to grow until a nasty boil like infection occurs. Downside of tweezing ones scalp is that it takes forever and it cause many more infections than if I LET IT ALONE, also if the hair leaves the "gummy worm" ( my nickname) behind then that sucker goes nasty in a big way. So where was I ... She believes it is cuased by many factors... you can get all the catch alls like stress and age but one minor fact is the sheath seems to grow due to the accum of oils and such and when this all went crazy it was timed with my staining incid and my "Atkins" low carb high prot med to high fats diet. I cant help but to think that such a radical diet change couldnt have had a major impact on my body. My carbs and simple sugars went from several thousand to 150 a day. I lost 55lbs but hit a wall.Now I am back on anti's and special acne shampoo.. and if it still doesnt go away then she is going to try Accutane .. I think is what she called it. An she also said not to be worried about all the internet stories about it.

Author: JonGuest
Post Fri Jul 08, 2005 6:34 pm
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7 1/2 year folliculitis nightmare/rubbery "sheaths&quo

Dear, dear friends:

I can hardly believe the similarity of our experience. I am a 49 year old male and over seven years ago a creep of a friend used my razor, and 17 hours later I came down with the first folliculitis boil in my moustache area. I've posted on here before but haven't looked in months. I know that my original detailed post is still on. I've lived a folliculitis nightmare. The story is VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL to the blond male and lady from Wisconsin who just posted. Arrogant, expensive doctors who don't listen, blame my behavior for it, prescribe antibiotics that don't work at all, and a refusal to even look at the plucked hair samples that I bring to the office, which have this "club" root that you guys are describing, and that and/or the shaft partially or totally "sheathed" in this rubbery, stiff, translucent (light admitting) material that seems to be at the heart of every major lesion. Removing it often speeds the healing of the boil, and certainly reduces the feeling of pressure, swelling, and pain. I've used minocycline, tetracycline, doxycycline, keflex, rifampin, sulfacet-R lotion, sulfamethoxasole, nasal Bactroban, and numerous over the counter remedies. The only substance that seems to have any positive effect at all, incredibly, is 39 cent peroxide from a brown plastic bottle. I will NOT take Accutane. Any physician who is breezy about that drug is a physician whose credibility I would question. Try to find my old post which is certainly still there and more detailed. This nightmare is ruining my life, my relationships. I hate the former friend who gave me this horrible, horrible infection. My face is a pizza pie and I am in nearly constant pain. There doesn't seem to be an answer. No "doctor" has ever explained to me exactly what this rubbery sheath on the hair is, why it's there, and what it indicates. Please contact me if any doctor has explained this phenomenon we all seem to have, or if they have given it a name, or why a bacterial situation produces this. GOOD LUCK AND WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Jon, Santa Monica, California

Author: JonGuest
Post Fri Jul 08, 2005 6:53 pm
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the "sheaths" on the hairs

Larry: I really want you to contact me. Email address is Your description of these nasty "gummy bears"
rubbery sheaths is SOOOOO accurate! It's exactly what I've had. The sheaths can be glistening, nearly clear, or they can have a nearly opaque center way down near the root. When pulled out, I can definitely relate to that "sucking" slurping you describe. This huge thing comes out in one piece like a baby coming from a womb, sometimes it's so big it's just incredible, and immediately upon its coming out, there's a lessening of the pain, swelling, and often blood/pus comes too, almost like the fluid after emergence of a baby. Some hairs are extra thick, some are unusually thin with sharp point. Some are distorted and just plain tortured looking things. This infection creates pure havoc in the hair follicle. Has any doctor to whom you've described this given it a name? Do you think there ARE any good "derms" out there? If so, I've yet to find them. I've run into a streak of especially arrogant, god-like doctors who think they know it all. Do not be intimidated by this type. I finally gave up on "derms", who seem to be able to handle only sun damage and Restylane/Botox these days, and tried an infectious disease specialist. It would appear that our problem seems to fall in the middle between infectious disease and dermatology, and that may be part of the reason that medicine has so far failed us. I got an email recently from a fellow who has suffered with folliculitis for TEN years despite all medical help. It looks like I might be challenging his record soon. JON

Author: roamer21New Poster
Post Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:36 am
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Hey friends, coming to this page page really opened my eyes as i used to think that i am suffering from some kind of freak medical condition. Let me tell you that I have been suffering from this "gummy worms" problem since my teeange(around 12-13 years, now I'm 21) and all I wanted to do all the time just tear my hair apart, it was so itchy and uncomfortable. I thought it was just some side effect of dandruff that appeared simultaneously at that time.

And this 'gummy worm' problem even appeared in my armpit and pubic hairs which was very uncomfortably itchy. But what I discovered is that when I washed the affected area(not the scalp as yet, only armpits and pubic region) with HOT WATER (just a little less than unbearably hot) - I got immediate temporary relief and gradually the 'gummy worm' body hair roots started diminishing (though i m not sure if i am impotent by now Very Happy ). Its not permanant but whenever I feel like the problem is returning, I have hot baths for 3-4 days(only once, not whole day Laughing) and the problem disappears for sometime. This works for quite a few days.

Well I never thought that all my body hair follicles could be possibly infected in the same way as I thought : scalp-->dandruff, body-->itch due to dampness. But I'll try to experiment with my scalp and keep you posted. By the way, I had gone to stupid derms thinking and saying I had dandruff all I did these years was just switch between zillion dollar shampoos and hair lotions.
God, somebody find a sure cure..

Author: archer_thomNew Poster
Post Wed Mar 11, 2009 4:35 am
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Hi, I had a mild form of this when I was 21 and decided to grow a beard. I found that the symptoms vanish with regular washing with hot water, and soap doesn't hurt either. I think that the problem is caused by sebum accumulating inside the pore (which the hair grows through) which can harden into a very irritating lump if it is not removed. Hot water helps the pore open, then the water and soap can soften and remove the irritation. Note that using soap too frequently can cause an imbalance in the oils in the skin (which are required and beneficial), so I'd cut back on it once the problem has subsided.

Hope that helps.

Author: faulk411New Poster
Post Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:24 am
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Has anyone ever been able to get a diagnoses for this? I

I have battled this hair problem since the mid-90's, and have never found a doctor with enough grey matter to put a name to this hair root disorder. WHAT IS THIS!???! This forum is the first I have found anyone even discussing this......

Author: lelliottNew Poster
Post Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:24 am
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Same problem for 5, 6, 7 years, only relief for me is to pluck hairs and dig out the rubber sheath. building quite a collection of scars though

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